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The Origins of Secretary's Day

Subject: Happy Secretary's...errrr. Administrative Assistant's. err.... Administrative Professional’s Day

Wednesday April 21st is Administrative Professionals Day.

I'd suggest that you go outside now and stake out a good spot on the street for the annual Administrative Professionals Day Parade that goes down 5th Ave. This year several million folks are expected to attend.

I especially like the elaborate floats like the Swingline Stapler float, (They're so much more creative than the Bostich Stapler people) This year Xerox will unveil its patriotic "Not Collated we stand---America there is no duplicate" float. I'm disappointed that the 3M Corporation has done some cost-cutting this year and combined the Post-it Note and Scotch Tape floats into one float with a theme of "Tackiness through the ages." Keep your eyes peeled for the giant Office Depot "Dilbert" balloon. I think you would all agree with me that after the ninth or tenth marching band goes by you do get a little sick of hearing theme from "Nine to Five."
But hey, let's not rain on anyone's parade.

So some history then.....this is actually one "holiday" that has no pagan antecedent. The celebration/creation of Secretary's Day was an indication of how by the 1950's the American workforce had migrated from the farms, to the factories, to the office and eventually to the office cubicle.

The first National Secretaries Week was held in June 1952 in an effort to recognize secretaries for their contributions to the workplace.
The idea began with Mary Barrett, president of the (big surprise here) National Secretaries Association. Since then the word "Secretary" has fallen into disuse. Up until a few years ago it was known as Professional Secretaries Day. However Professional Secretaries Day changed its name a few years ago to: Administrative Professionals Day. Professional Secretaries Week has been renamed Administrative Professionals Week and Professional Secretaries Day has become Administrative Professionals Day.

Got all that?

Unfortunately the Administrative Professionals have to share their day with National Remembrance of Man's Inhumanity To Man Day, Hostage Heroes Day and (in Magnum, Oklahoma) Rattlesnake Day.

They also share their week with Big Brothers/Sisters Appreciation Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, and National Lingerie Week.

And of course during the month of April we'll all be celebrating
National Occupational Therapy Month,
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
and one for Advertising folks---Stress Awareness Month.

In case you are wondering, Administrative Professionals aren't the only folks who officially have their own day. Other major days on the calendar are:

National Municipal Clerk's Week,
National Food Workers Week,
National Bookkeepers Week,
National Professional Pet Sitters Week
National Waitresses/Waiters Day,
National Public Employee Appreciation Day,
National Nurses Week,
Operating Room Nurse Week,

National Physical Therapy Week,

National Cardiovascular Technologists Recognition Day,

and of course, who could forget National Correction Officers Day.

So if you'll forgive me I have to run, I've gotta go pick up something nice for my Administrative Professional, as well as my Corrections Officer.

Happy Adminpro Day Everyone!

The origins of :Take our Brats to Work Day

Once a year many folks thank their Admins then the next day bring their kids into work and dump em on those very same Admins. Connection? You decide

The day formerly known as Take our Daughters to Work day is held on the fourth Thursday in April. Tomorrow.

Yeah, Yeah I know this "origins of" stuff is getting kind of ridiculous. However, I hear many people ask, with a good deal of indignation, "Why is it "Take our Daughters to Work day. Not take our Children"

There is or at least was a simple good reason. The day was begun by Ms magazine, a decidedly feminist publication. And, in fact, the title "Take our daughters to work day" was a registered trademark of the Ms magazine Foundation for Women.

The idea behind the day was to broaden a young girl's horizons and let her know what careers were available to women besides Nursing and the Convent.

In addition, they got to see what kind of work their mothers did and help dispel the Suzy Homemaker/ housewife depiction of women.

The idea was a good one. However, it has evolved into a more general Take your Child to work day. Or Let your kids skip a school day Day.

It seems that Ms. Mag has cracked under the pressure and has officially changed the name of the event to Bring our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. You can go to their site to get tips on activities for the kiddies.

For the record some groups and institutions have rejected the change and still celebrate the day as Take your Daughter to work day see below:

The Ohio State University is once again proud to offer “Take a Daughter to Work Day” The Office of Human Resources has chosen not to model after the Ms.Foundation's Take our Daughters and Sons to Work®, because in our opinion, there is still much work to be done to educate, engage and empower our young girls to become an equal force and voice in the academic and corporate worlds.

Personally, being the father of two girls I'd much prefer it if it were

Send Your Daughter To Work Day.



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